Choosing a Mate That is Right for You

Don’t forget to LOVE yourself..

Finding someone to share your life with can be a challenge. Often times we look in all the wrong places and eventually get stuck with leftovers or trash that is difficult to be disposed of. Love and relationships are two different things. You must ask yourself, which one do you want. In choosing, make certain that you have the time that is needed to invest in what it is you want.
Before you can give of yourself, make certain you are confident in what it is you’re expecting and what it is you want to receive. Have some type of idea of the relationship you are looking for because this is the first step of valuing your time and that of others. Are you seeking a casual companion, a weekend lover or someone to spend the rest of your life with? Develop an idea of what you would call a great mate. While some might say that this limits your choices way too much, it’s possible to both know what you’re looking for and be open to something else.

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The most tangible aspect is that you don’t have to settle. The secret sauce in finding a companion is in putting together a list of characteristics of your ideal mate and how you think about that list once you develop it. If you see every characteristic on it as absolutely necessary, you might miss out on meeting a wonderful person. After all, no one is perfect, but someone is perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you see your list as a set of guidelines, having it can help you choose the relationships you do and do not want to pursue. This is critical because far too many people are in a hurry to find a mate without vetting them out. This behavior could lead to all sorts of unhappiness, regret and a possible disaster. Being specific with intention can be beneficial in the long run.

Love make the world go round..

When seeking a relationship, it’s important to identify what you deem as necessary and unnecessary characteristics in a mate. Begin gathering your list by thinking back over past relationships, whether they were romantic in nature or not. Were any fulfilling? Are there any characteristics that other people have that make life incredibly difficult for you? I mean… things that would make you miserable to be around. Or better yet, things that you simply cannot tolerate. In contrast, are there any characteristics that you find absolutely necessary in someone you’re going to be close to? Things that make your heart flutter, your mind think and your life better. Now think about some attributes and aspects you would appreciate or admire in a potential new mate. These should be things that make you feel good and enjoy being around this person. Use these components to help get you started, both in making a list of things you want in a mate and in making another one of things that you don’t want and refuse to deal with. Anything that comes up in these thought exercises is probably pretty important to you and might even make or break a future relationship. So think long and careful about this process.

Love is bigger than one second, one hour and one day..

Just as you list the necessary and unnecessary components, you must acknowledge the desirable and undesirable characteristics too. After you have your lists of necessary and unnecessary characteristics, think about other aspects of people you’ve known that you have enjoyed or that have been hard for you to deal with. These may not be quite as important as the things you just listed, but they are aspects of another person that would be nice to have or to simply avoid. You may want to make these into a separate category on your list. That way, you can separate them in your mind from things that are absolutely necessary or to be avoided. Again, thinking long and hard while being aware and conscientious are key to successfully choosing the right mate.

Your CHOICE can make or break you…

You deserve to be picky. But how picky do you deserve to be. For me, being picky is a big deal. Just as I am careful in planning out other events in my life, I will be just as careful in trying to choose someone who is worthy of my time. After all, choice is a personal decision and it can also be a life-long one as well. Now that you have your list in front of you, it’s up to you to decide how closely you want to stick with it. Again, it’s your choice! Are the characteristics on the list important enough to you that any perfect mate would have to have all of them? On the other hand, are some of them absolutely essential and others you can live with or without? Know that you are free to make whatever choice you want to in this area. This is your life and you should have a say so. This is your relationship you’re considering, so the choices need to be suited to your own preferences and perspectives. In case you are not prepared, remember that choosing to be picky might mean that it is harder to find a mate. No matter how many of these characteristics he or she has, there will still be areas of your relationship that could be difficult in other areas. Relationships should grow. In that process, both of you will change. It is with great hopes that your intentions are to grow together and help each other along the way.

Let me count the ways that I LOVE you…

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5 Checkpoints of Change in your Career

Don’t FEAR change!! No matter how you feel about it, change is an inevitable part of our lives. It can be controllable, but for most, they are at the mercy of change. Learning how to accept it, embrace it and roll with the bumps and bruises of it makes you not only resilient, but capable of bouncing back sooner. Creating goals is something that should remain a constant in your life, whether you use them to plan your career, start a project or start a new life. Goal setting helps us see more clearly where we need to go and what we need to do to make that happen. Follow these 5 tips to help you gain perspective in your career and be an agent of change.
1. Seriously evaluate your reasons for wanting to change careers or get promoted in your current position. Ask yourself honestly if you want to change because you don’t like your job, because you don’t like your employer, or because you have an interest in gaining new skills and abilities and expanding your horizons. The last reason is the best reason to make a change.
2. Gain any additional training or education you need to realize a smooth transition into a new position or employment opportunity. If you don’t know what the educational requirements are for a new opportunity, then find out. Visit the BLS to find out what the job requirements, educational requirements and salary are for the job or career field you intend to enter.

3. If changing careers, know that you may have to start from the ground up. This may mean a salary cut. If you know you will have to take a reduction in salary, then make up for it by finding a way to budget your expenses until your salary catches up with you. You should also evaluate whether you can afford changes to your salary. Hopefully, a career transition will eventually (or immediately in many cases) result in an increase, rather than decrease in salary.
4. If you plan to leave your current employer, always be sure to give them advance notice so they have time to find a replacement if necessary. This is especially true of highly technical jobs, where it can be hard to find someone on short notice and train them well enough to do the job right. You never want to burn bridges because you never know what may come out of change.
5. If you are confident that you want to change careers but aren’t sure of what you want to do, consider going into business for yourself. Evaluate your skills, abilities and talents. Look at your financial situation and assess your management and organizational skills. Many people have hopes of one day creating their own business. Now may be the time to do this. Just be sure you prepare for a big change like this by researching the home business process before you leap right in and quit your job. Many people who decide to start their own business end up keeping their jobs and working on their business part time during their off hours. This is a good way to give you time to wet your feet and get a feel for whether a home business is something you really want to start. This will also allow you time to evaluate whether you can really make enough money from it to support your family if need be.

No matter what decisions you make, when career planning for change it is important you always take your time to evaluate and analyze your decisions from numerous levels and perspectives. Always keep in mind that the grass may not be greener on the other side. Yet you will never know if it is or not if you don’t at least take a closer look. Never make decisions in the heat of the moment and always be sure to research your alternatives and new occupations before you leap right in. If you consider all options and clearly observe your goals and objectives, you will realize and reap much success in your career planning journey.

I am Nichelle Womack! As a people building, life transition strategist, I specialize in helping you reach your greatest potential through self-reliance and internal motivation. I provide inspiration through community speaking engagements, one on one consultation and group/team training. Positive thoughts and language are my fuel for energy and my desire to help you find yours. If you are interested in a free 15 minute session of coaching, contact me @ Looking for more great life tips, check out “The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success” @ . Many blessings and much success to you!! Check out my websites @ and Connect with me on Twitter and Periscope @DiverseConnect.

Healthcare Open Enrollment Begins Novemeber 1, 2015

open enrollment

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How often does someone in your family get sick between 9am and 5pm?  Not very often.  Going to see your doctor often means taking time off from work, or finding that clinic or ER at night or over the weekend.  Expensive time and travel and exposure to a lot of sick people waiting around for help!   With enhancedcare’s Smart Choices, you can call a doctor, have prescriptions written and even get lab work ordered; all from the comfort of your home or office.

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Live a Life Worth Repeating…

Live Life

“If you start the day reading the obituaries, you live your day a little differently.”

David Levithan

For some, life zooms past us during our working years at the blink of an eye. Consistently, it’s the same daily aspect of wakening up to go to work, getting off work and turning around doing the same thing the very next day.  It’s no big surprise why some ask themselves, “How did I get old so quick? Where did all the time go?” Well… time stands still for no one. Unless you use and make every second count, you will find yourself on the other hand of time with no restart button.

The issue is in the daily routine of work. The human personality has this propensity called deletion. Anything that continues to rehash, the memory does not record. Basically because it’s just not worth considering or remembering for that matter.

So…. how can we respect each experience of time and not neglect your life in the process?

The answer lies in you creating self-care, self-awareness and a desire that dwells deep inside of you. In essence, it is a realistic view of an elevated condition of familiarity with your own consideration, sentiments and daily activities. At the same time in the event that you can’t do that yet, you can begin by honing in on these three thought provoking questions.

As you lie in bed and before dosing off, ask and answer these three questions:

  1. What is one thing I am thankful for on this day?
  2. What and how do I anticipate tomorrow?
  3. If I had to choose how my day will go, what would that look like?

I call these straight forward brain teasers that will encourage the beginning of creating something great? All things considered, let me share the rationale behind them. The first question requires you to thoroughly consider your day and discover something you’re truly thankful for. As you do that, not only will you discover something to be thankful for, you will likewise have reviewed your whole day from a much larger perspective. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we call this recapping an overall perspective and justifying the importance of a circumstance. Try this! Envision placing your everyday experience into a container, put a top on it and then name it, “The Way I View My Life”. Having a considerable amount of these containers in your thoughts sorts your memories into noteworthy encounters or folders per se’ instead of having them as one extensive cluster called, “My Life.. How I Hoped it Would Be”.

The second question entices you to look forward in time and envision what’s going to or what you hope to happen tomorrow. When you have something to anticipate, it makes this characteristic more appealing to the mind and gives you the drive and energy to make it happen. You will feel inspired the minute you wake up. It will be the first thought on your mind and your self-sensor will provoke you to act on it.

The third question uncovers your deepest desires based upon the fact that we typically decide to dream about what we need and wish for. This solidifies your path and reason which later clarifies your desire to want it even more.

If you ask yourself these three questions on a regular basis, you will have a greater respect for the time you have and it won’t seem to fly by. You will begin to focus on the important aspects about your life and have a clear perspective to do what truly matters. Live life intentionally, full of joy and do what makes you happy.

I am Nichelle Womack. As a life expansion coach, I specialize in helping you reach your greatest potential through self-reliance and internal motivation. I provide inspiration through online and community speaking engagements. Positive thoughts and language are my fuel for energy and my desire to help you find yours. Looking for more great life tips, check out “The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success” @ . Many blessings and much success to you!! Check out my websites @ and Connect with me on Twitter @DiverseConnect.