A Father is more than a Father

It is a wise father that knows his own child. William Shakespeare


A father is more than a father. He is a revolution. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandfather’s, stepfather’s and those who have fathered without being a sperm giver. Father’s play an important role in any child’s life. Father’s are the nucleus of the family. They nurture and love a mother and give guidance and structure to the children.


Growing up with a father in the home is almost rare these days. Some will question if this is part of the destruction of the family. Father’s never get the recognition they are due. Having a father in the home has many advantages.

  1. Father’s bear authority. According to the word of God, man (father) is the leader and the family should follow. Without a man in the home, there is lack of direction.
  2. Father’s have a love that mother (woman) can’t give. God made it necessary for man to nurture, love and protect.

My father didn’t grow up in the home with me, but he was there every step I took & every move I made. I’m fortunate to say he still does. Meet my handsome dad. I consider my life blessed because not only did I have my dad, my granddad’s were present too. Having a man in the home who represented a father was normal to me.

As a wife and mom, my son’s have experienced the same. My husband’s presence has had a dramatic impact in how I rear my son’s. They see him as an example and they follow his lead.

A real man loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father. Frank Abagnale

The world can never have enough great men filling the role of father. Men who are father’s.. you are needed and certainly appreciated. Society will say one thing, but from a woman who appreciates your presence, your dominance, your guidance and your stature, thank you for all you do.

Until next time.. blessings & peace,



Choosing a Mate That is Right for You

Don’t forget to LOVE yourself..

Finding someone to share your life with can be a challenge. Often times we look in all the wrong places and eventually get stuck with leftovers or trash that is difficult to be disposed of. Love and relationships are two different things. You must ask yourself, which one do you want. In choosing, make certain that you have the time that is needed to invest in what it is you want.
Before you can give of yourself, make certain you are confident in what it is you’re expecting and what it is you want to receive. Have some type of idea of the relationship you are looking for because this is the first step of valuing your time and that of others. Are you seeking a casual companion, a weekend lover or someone to spend the rest of your life with? Develop an idea of what you would call a great mate. While some might say that this limits your choices way too much, it’s possible to both know what you’re looking for and be open to something else.

Love pic1

The most tangible aspect is that you don’t have to settle. The secret sauce in finding a companion is in putting together a list of characteristics of your ideal mate and how you think about that list once you develop it. If you see every characteristic on it as absolutely necessary, you might miss out on meeting a wonderful person. After all, no one is perfect, but someone is perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you see your list as a set of guidelines, having it can help you choose the relationships you do and do not want to pursue. This is critical because far too many people are in a hurry to find a mate without vetting them out. This behavior could lead to all sorts of unhappiness, regret and a possible disaster. Being specific with intention can be beneficial in the long run.

Love make the world go round..

When seeking a relationship, it’s important to identify what you deem as necessary and unnecessary characteristics in a mate. Begin gathering your list by thinking back over past relationships, whether they were romantic in nature or not. Were any fulfilling? Are there any characteristics that other people have that make life incredibly difficult for you? I mean… things that would make you miserable to be around. Or better yet, things that you simply cannot tolerate. In contrast, are there any characteristics that you find absolutely necessary in someone you’re going to be close to? Things that make your heart flutter, your mind think and your life better. Now think about some attributes and aspects you would appreciate or admire in a potential new mate. These should be things that make you feel good and enjoy being around this person. Use these components to help get you started, both in making a list of things you want in a mate and in making another one of things that you don’t want and refuse to deal with. Anything that comes up in these thought exercises is probably pretty important to you and might even make or break a future relationship. So think long and careful about this process.

Love is bigger than one second, one hour and one day..

Just as you list the necessary and unnecessary components, you must acknowledge the desirable and undesirable characteristics too. After you have your lists of necessary and unnecessary characteristics, think about other aspects of people you’ve known that you have enjoyed or that have been hard for you to deal with. These may not be quite as important as the things you just listed, but they are aspects of another person that would be nice to have or to simply avoid. You may want to make these into a separate category on your list. That way, you can separate them in your mind from things that are absolutely necessary or to be avoided. Again, thinking long and hard while being aware and conscientious are key to successfully choosing the right mate.

Your CHOICE can make or break you…

You deserve to be picky. But how picky do you deserve to be. For me, being picky is a big deal. Just as I am careful in planning out other events in my life, I will be just as careful in trying to choose someone who is worthy of my time. After all, choice is a personal decision and it can also be a life-long one as well. Now that you have your list in front of you, it’s up to you to decide how closely you want to stick with it. Again, it’s your choice! Are the characteristics on the list important enough to you that any perfect mate would have to have all of them? On the other hand, are some of them absolutely essential and others you can live with or without? Know that you are free to make whatever choice you want to in this area. This is your life and you should have a say so. This is your relationship you’re considering, so the choices need to be suited to your own preferences and perspectives. In case you are not prepared, remember that choosing to be picky might mean that it is harder to find a mate. No matter how many of these characteristics he or she has, there will still be areas of your relationship that could be difficult in other areas. Relationships should grow. In that process, both of you will change. It is with great hopes that your intentions are to grow together and help each other along the way.

Let me count the ways that I LOVE you…

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5 Reasons Why Puppies are Similar to Babies


wp-1455324588209.jpgI have always been a lover of four legged family members. They not only bring joy, but they have a way of making a boring day exciting. The innocent eyes, the playful spirit and the special wagging of the tail makes it a special day when they great you at the door. I have never had a puppy until now. My husband jokes that since all of our dogs have been senior citizens, I’m going through an adjustment period. Lol.. Tell me about it! This has not only been a learning experience, but I feel like I have given birth all over again. This time my newborn baby licks me. Listed below are 5 reasons why puppies are so similar to babies. If you know what I’m talking about, give Zeus a like and wish me luck.

1. They need love too. From day one, they expect you to give them tender loving, nurturing care. If done with sincerity and love, you will create a bond that will last throughout the years. As an adult, you will have developed a best friend, your greatest protector or your biggest problem if not given the proper attention and stable structure for growth and development.
2. They didn’t ask to be here. It was the decision of an adult no matter how conceived in wedlock or out of it. The mother and/or father made that decision. Why punish the puppy for the parents choices? Make it work and learn how to become acquainted. I keep telling myself this one over and over again…
3. They need to be potty trained. This is a marathon with kids and a transition with puppies. They have a mind of their own. Trying to adjust to an adults schedule and guidance is an adjustment. That’s why patience is a virtue and you must exhibit it so that they become confident in the process.
4. They require attention. Neglect them and it’s the beginning of destruction. They will do something you dislike or tear up something you treasure. You will pay at some point in their lives. Ignoring them will entice them to be disobedient. Acknowledging their existence will cause them to love you forever. Which may result in them growing up to be your best friend because you were attentive and gave them the love they deserved.
5. They get just as many oooos and ahhhs.. When out in public, people want to pet them just like people want to hold a baby. Often times, the puppies fear or trust of the other is met with a growl or a tail wagging just like a cry or a smile for a baby, their emotions are felt.

Zeus has made our family happy. Especially with the loss of our other four legged friend several years ago. I’m starting to get used to his presence and his company. I think he’s a keeper!!

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The Life of a Hands on Momma


  1. You get to experience #EVERYTHING.
  2. You learn and see things that make you cringe!!
  3. You understand the life you build is bigger than your own.
  4. You love them more than you love yourself.
  5. You are afraid of them making mistakes, but you acknowledge it’s the only way for them to grow.
  6. You want them to stay young forever!
  7. You seek solutions in them through your failures.
  8. You live to see them happy, successful and faithful.
  9. You pray you have done everything right from day one.
  10. You do whatever it takes to make things happen for them.
  11. You remain a parent, yet you develop a relationship that helps them feel comfortable discussing everything with you.
  12. You feel grateful, blessed and highly favored when what you taught them is exemplified in their behavior outside the home and others recognize it.
  13. You depend on Jesus when you fear releasing them into a world that doesn’t understand them like you do.
  14. You stay on your knees because it gives you peace.
  15. You love and long hearing their voices and the word, “momma or mommy.”
  16. You work hard so they will #NEVER be without.
  17. You want to be their biggest and greatest confidant.
  18. You miss them when they are gone, but yet you are excited to get some time to yourself.
  19. You want to make certain that their choice in a girl does not change who they are.
  20. You predict their success through the words, lessons and values you place in them.
  21. You love them with all your heart and then some.
  22. When they call, you stop doing whatever you’re doing and tend to their needs.
  23. You realize that in everything you have received, they are your greatest gifts.
  24. You keep hearing voices of your parents telling you, “Wait until you have kids. They are going to treat you just like you treat me.”
  25. You want to be their hero, their role model and who they remember and treasure when you are gone.

Every day hasn’t been easy, but I am constantly reading the manual to perfect my craft. Thank you God for being my friend and my source of strength through every step of the way.

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